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Club Affiliation
Jeff Smith is an active member and Vice President, Columbia Poodle Club, Portland, Oregon.

Breeder Education
Jeff Smith has attended and learned from the following:
  • Canine Breeders Symposium, September 4, 2010, Seattle, Washington
  • Structure in Action, Pat Hastings, October, 2010, Corvallis, Oregon
  • Puppy Socialization, Poodle Club of America, April, 2011, Salisbury, Maryland
  • New Research Findings and Dog Breeding Management, Dr. Cheryl Lopate, Poodle Club of America, September, 2013
  • Showing and handling Standard Poodles since Jan, 2011, to present.

Recommended Books and Magazines
Canine Reproduction, The Breeder's Guide, Phyllis A. Holst, DVM, Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, 2nd Edition.
Poodle Variety, Santa Barbara, California: excellent magazine all about poodles-- caring, grooming, and showing them.
Poodle Clipping and Grooming, Shirlee Kalstone, Howell Book House.
Poodles (with training your dog DVD), Amy Fernandez, Barron's.
Puppy Development, Pat Hastings and Ann Rouse, Editors, Dogfolk Enterprises.
Structure in Action, Pat Hastings and Wendy E. Wallace, and Erin Ann Rouse, Dogfolk Enterprises.

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