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Temperament, Health, Confirmation, and Pedigree

Stud Dogs

Max (GCH Afterglow Alberto) has reached Top Producer status, having produced 21 Champions of which five went on to Grand Championships.  He is owned by Joan McFadden and Gail Wolaniuk of Unique Standard Poodles, bred by Afterglow Poodles of England.  Max is known for his excellent movement and athleticism, confidence, and fun loving personality.  Max has cleared the veterinarian recommended genetic health tests for Standard Poodles.

Temperament of Our Breeding Bitches

Gracie (Canzone Di Grazia) is described by her owners, Jeff Smith and Geoff Hunnicutt, as affectionate with her family members, confident, fun-loving, easy to manage, playful with her other dogs in the home, attentive, and athletic (ball throwing and catching, running, and chase games). 

Trudy (Safari's Canzone Di Verita) is described by her owners, as social, playful, energetic, friendly with other dogs and people, confident, loving of attention (including grooming!), athletic (ball retrieving and running), and enthusiastic!


Gracie and Trudy have each cleared veterinarian recommended genetic health tests for Standard Poodles as follow: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals hips; inherited eye diseases; Sebaceous Adenitis test for skin disease; Von Willebrand's (bleeding) disease, and Neonatal Encephalopathy. These results can be verified on the OFA web site, as well as hard copy certificates.

This will be Gracie's third litter-- expected in April, 2016.  Her mother, Trudy, has produced three  healthy, successful litters of puppies:  her last litter in 2015. When she is not chasing a ball, Trudy is now retired to couches of her choice!


Gracie: American Champion, finished in four weekends as shown by Daniel Chavez of Arizona. Gracie achieved three major wins as a very pretty, black bitch who shows a magnificent Poodle profile.

Trudy:  American Ch
ampion, earned nine points as a puppy handled by Daniel Chavez.  Of significant honorifics, Trudy placed second among 33 bitches in the 9-12 month old bitch class, National Poodle Club of America show, 2009.  Trudy is Safari's 118th American Champion Standard Poodle with more than 40 years of successful, healthy breeding behind her.


Gracie and Trudy each have many generations of successful background in their pedigree with multiple champions, national and international honorifics.  Trudy is proven with the quality of her 15 puppies. We expect Gracie's litter to produce top quality show prospects, as well as great companion (pet) puppies, too. 

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